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Stealth startup partnering with NASA and ESA to deliver food via satellite

Delivery anywhere in the world in under 5 minutes.



space based food delivery

The future is bright for the growing world of food delivery. According to our sources, there is a stealth startup partnering with NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) to send down up to 3 pounds of food from orbiting satellites. The new system, dubbed SpaceGrub, is an innovative way to bring food to parts of the world that do not typically have access to quick food delivery.

What SpaceX and their Starlink system is  doing for internet connectivity, SpaceGrub is doing for food. If their system is successful, you’ll be able to pull up an app, tap a few buttons, and have a few pounds of food shot straight out of the sky and into your stomach. Well, there’s a few steps to go over first. But you get the idea.

spacegrub food delivery

SpaceGrub testing food delivery prototype over Australia

First, SpaceGrub loads an array of ingredients onto the satellite. It reportedly has chambers for condiments, proteins, grains, sugar, and even coffee.

Second, the satellite is launched into low earth orbit (LEO) and eventually joined by a constellation of about 25 other SpaceGrub satellites. Once the critical mass of satellites is reached, coverage should be pretty good.

Next, the satellite waits to get orders from the new app. You can select any kind of food and even get custom dishes prepared.

When the satellite receives an order, small micro-robot arms put together your desired order and pack it all into a small titanium case. It looks basically like a big bullet-shaped object.

When the food is prepped and packed, the satellite then releases the “bullet” into the upper atmosphere on a direct course for your desired address.

The food achieves max velocity upon re-entry, heating up to about 1,649 degrees Celsius (3,000 degrees Fahrenheit). Thanks to the armored shell, this actually just slowly warms the food inside and will even be able to cook the meat according to your desired settings.

Once the food passes through the atmosphere, it’ll safely land in the ground at the exact coordinates you entered. Just tap open the button on the casing and you’re ready to enjoy!

According to our sources, the SpaceGrub app will be available in most countries along the equator at launch. This is because of the orbital trajectory of the relevant satellites. We’re told the food should take under 5 minutes to deliver anywhere in the world once enough satellites come online.

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