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Rumored ‘Tesla Unicycle’ able to do 95 mph with 600 mile range



Tesla Unicycle

One of the biggest hurdles for electric vehicles is weight. Heavy battery packs, chassis, body components, and even humans mean the batteries have to work that much harder. Just like the tyranny of the Tsiolkovsky rocket equation. Leave it to Tesla, though, to develop an innovative solution. Rather than electrifying heavy cars and trucks, they’re rumored to be moving into personal transportation vehicles. Better still, rather than focusing on bicycles or scooters, they’re going directly to one of the lightest and most versatile vehicles possible: the unicycle.

Popular with clowns, hipsters, and eccentric billionaires, unicycles are great for improving your core body strength as well as your mobility. Until now, they’ve always been self-powered by whoever is riding it. We got our hands on a new design that should make it a lot easier to go a very long distance on a single charge. According to our confidential product leaker (the title of this site, after all), the rumored unicycle will be able to reach a blistering pace of about 95 miles per hour. Thanks to the lightweight design and depending on the weight of the rider, the range is estimated to be around 600 miles on a single charge.

We’re told the Tesla Unicycle (working title) supports a 25 kWh tabless battery pack that consists of about 1,500 lithium ion 4860 batteries. These are the newly-announced batteries from Tesla that enable a 16% range increase for Tesla’s current vehicle lineup.

During testing, we’ve heard that the test drivers were wearing the SpaceX flight suits as they’re comprised of Nomex and Kevlar, two materials that are able to handle potential road rash and more. We’re excited to learn more about this as it reaches ramped-up production since there’s a market of roughly 20 people worldwide who would likely purchase this product.

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