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Rumored syringe prototype up to 4x faster, wider

During a pandemic, every second counts.



In the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, we need all the speed and medical equipment possible. That’s why I was enthusiastic to hear about the design that could be a game changer for the medical community.

Currently, it takes at least 3 seconds to deliver a standard shot via hypodermic needle. With the new design that just got leaked, that time could be cut in half. The in-development model by Hypo-IQ, Inc., a Fort Lauderdale, FL business front, is expected to be released by the second half of next year.

While I initially was taken aback by the sheer size of the needle (most notably the width), I think I could get accustomed to it. The width of the needle measures at just under an 3/4 of an inch or 2 centimeters. According to medical professionals familiar with the prototype, it takes a “pre-injection” to open up a hole in the skin wide enough to accommodate the wider syringe. We’re told this involves a smaller ‘typical’ single syringe that lets the medical professional insert and then wiggle just a bit to widen up a site suitable for the new Hypo-IQ model.

“I didn’t feel a thing and it just leaves a small scar at the injection site. Totally worth the time savings.”

Barb Elvis, Patient

We spoke to Barb Elvis, a test subject for the new needle. She was under full anesthesia during a recent operation and agreed (ahead of time) to be a trial for the new injector. According to Elvis, she said it probably helped the doctors by saving them time during the crucial lip injection surgery.

We’ll stay close to this story and update this article as we learn more about the launch for the general public.

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