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New serrated chopsticks save time but leave mouths bloody



serrated chop sticks

You’ve heard of sporks. The half-spoon half-fork combo that lets you pierce your food while drinking (eating?) your soup. Now, the new kid on the block is taking over. They’re called Serrated Chopsticks and they may be the newest must-have kitchen gadget this holiday season. They’re designed with razor-sharp serrated edges that are diamond-sharpened by German metalsmith Dr.-Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG. The iron chopsticks are cold-forged over an anvil to allow them to be as sharp and heavy as possible.

The idea behind these is to save you valuable time normally spent cutting food. However, in our experience what we actually cut was our mouths. We left our tasting lab with several large open wounds, cut tongues, chapped lips, and a throat filled with blood. All that being said, they look quite nice and we’ll use them every day as they’re a real timesaver.

These have become our go-to utensil for not only sushi and other dishes but also steak and chicken. We’ve found the serrated edges of the chopsticks to be so strong that they can cut through a 3-inch cut of brisket with ease.

We did a little hunting around and didn’t see anything like this on the market (yet), but we expect plenty of competition from Big Spork, the cabal of companies making money off the lucrative spork market.

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