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New pore strips 100x stronger, waterproof, last 2+ weeks

Removes blackheads and only 10% of skin.



A new partnership has unlocked an innovation that should keep your pores free and clear for far longer than ever before. If you’ve ever used one of the popular pore strips that help remove blackheads and small hairs from clogged pores, you may be interested in this.

A new health and beauty startup, StickRite, has developed a new way to keep your nose, forehead, and other oily areas free and clear. The new StickRite Tape Edition Pore Strips are designed to be able to pull out even the toughest blackheads and pores. The patent-pending formula allows the strip to stay in place for more than two weeks with no need for removal. We’re told the new design is safe to keep on while swimming, showering, shaving, and exercising.

Wilhemina Ossicone, communications manager at StickRite, told us the reason for the development of this new pore strip was because “the #1 complaint from our pore strips customers is that the strip comes off after just 10 minutes.” She says that drove the R&D team to develop a partnership with GlueWell who is the world leader in stickiness. They brought a specialized blend of the glue that keeps tapes in place to a new type of pore strip that requires only a small amount of PPG-3 Methyl Ether and Kerosene to remove from the skin. Ossicone notes these two removal liquids are commonly found in glue removal products and more.

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