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New plastic wrap-based face masks proven to be 100% effective

Seal your mouth with plastic wrap.



NOTE: Image above is a leaked render for illustrative purposes.

Preventing disease transmission is critical to ending the pandemic. That’s the goal behind the newest product leak we’ve uncovered. According to our sources, a new face mask that’s said to be 100% effective is about to enter the market. The mask is built out of sturdy yet comfortable nylon straps as well as restaurant-grade plastic wrap. The straps are adjustable and the plastic wrap is said to last at least a few wears.

According to some insider reports, the product requires a little training to ensure a proper seal around the mouth. They say that, to be 100% effective, you need to seal the plastic around your entire mouth by slowly inhaling. This should cause the plastic to gently adhere to your lips. However, they are researching the efficacy of the mask for those with beards and facial hair.

We tried out the mask to see how it felt and the straps were indeed quite soft and easy to manage. Our ears didn’t hurt which is typically what happens when you wear a mask for a prolonged period. We also noticed some slight airway obstruction after we initially inhaled with the plastic wrap over our mouths. But after a few attempts, we were able to poke a small hole in the plastic so we could breathe. That being said, this is definitely the lightest and most versatile mask we’ve seen yet. Our test mask came with a handy CPR guide and a knife to use for poking the plastic in case the plastic adheres too quickly. Useful tools to carry around with you.

In terms of pros and cons, there’s a definite pro you can plainly see. It’s easy to see a person’s face – finally. Because of the proprietary plastic being used, you can see a person’s face and feel like you’re having a relatively normal conversation.

There are rumors that the mask will come in various sizes for adults, children, and infants. No word yet on dates or availability but, with something that stops all diseases, let’s hope the production speeds along quickly.

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