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New ‘iHole’ design lets you see where you’re going while using your phone



In a controversial move, smartphone manufacturers are venturing into an all-new design space. For more than a decade, the likes of Apple, Google, Samsung, and other phone makers have been making ever-larger phones that are leveraging every last millimeter of space – all for squeezing in as big a screen as possible.

Now that trend is about to change.

Instead of bigger screens, phone makers are looking to carve out safety features that allow users to keep an eye on things without having to look up. The new ‘iHole’ design is one of the first examples we’ve seen that really make it clear – phones should have holes in them.

The new design we just spotted on Weibo shows a new design of an iPhone with a substantial hole cut out of it. This is apparently in an attempt to make it so you can keep an eye on the street while you’re walking and using your phone. Or, you can peer through the hole while taking a photo of someone without having to look away from your screen.

While the design change may throw some people, it’s clearly meant to enable more engagement with the phone and dramatically raise the amount of screen time per user.

Rumor is the new iHole version of the iPhone is set to start at just US$1,399 – a bit higher due to the complex circuitry and circular battery pack required to make the phone still function despite the hole in the screen.

How will you use the new freed-up space on the screen? We’re curious what the many ways phone makers have in mind as they look to capitalize on all the additional screen usage by everyone. If you never have to put your phone down again, that’s a lot of time that can be monetized.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Thomas Kelly

    May 10, 2021 at 8:14 am

    What have you heard about the Tesla battery powered plasma rocket?

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