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New Google Chrome rims spotted in the wild



Google Chrome rims

We’re pumped about the new Google Chrome rims that were spotted in the wild. But first, a quick history lesson. If you ever wondered why Google named their famous web browser ‘Chrome’ then you may be in for a shock. A little known fact is that Google gave it that name because the original developer, Jason Divine, was really into the hobby of tricking out cars. Giving them bigger mufflers, faster 0-60 times, etc. One of the things Jason liked to do most was to put some large 21″ chrome rims on all his cars. He’s actually famous for putting 22″ chrome rims on his MINI but that’s a story for a different product leak.

We were just sent an anonymous tip along with a photograph taken of a potentially new Google product. We analyzed the EXIF data of the photo which showed the picture was taken just outside San Francisco so there may be some truth to this rumor. Ok, onto the actual story:

Rather than just focus on web browsing, it seems Google is jumping into the automotive industry. As you can see in the photo, these are all-new Google Chrome rims, the product name used by the anonymous source that contacted us. While we can’t verify the authenticity of these wheels, they do like quite appealing. Personally, I could see every Waymo car rocking these kinds of rims to stay more or  less on brand.

We will continue to pursue this story in case these wheels are legit because a real wheel deal would feel surreal. Stay up to date on this and other stories by subscribing to our newsletter.

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