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New flamethrower-enabled snow shovel to make short work of heavy snow

The new SnoBlade Pyro saves your back, melts pavement.



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If you live along a latitude that gets its fair share of the snow, you’ve probably dreamed of this moment. The moment when you can almost magically make the snow disappear. As you stare down a 5-foot pile of snow and feel like you’re running out of place to put it all, you pine for a simple solution.

According to our sources, your wish may have just come true. The popular snow shovel producer, SnoBlade, has come up with an exciting feature that, according to their PR, will save “countless hours of back-breaking work.” The new innovation that’s leading to all this hype? A mounted flamethrower sitting atop the shovel. In case you didn’t know, a flamethrower is actually throwing flammable liquid (hence the name) and it isn’t actually a static fire. This throwing of liquid is actually used by the military so they can ‘throw’ flames around corners, inside bunkers, etc.

But enough about how flamethrowers work. The new SnoBlade Pyro model has a built-in flamethrower that’s napalm compatible and operates at roughly a half-gallon of fuel per second (GPS). According to SnoBlade, the Pyro model features a push-button ignition, strengthened heat shroud, an ergonomic handle, and comes in several colors including pink and orange. The shovel can throw flames up to 75 feet depending on the fuel mixture used (napalm 70%, diesel 20% at 300psi recommended)

The SnoBlade Pyro Junior, the model made for kids and teens, is rumored to be priced at $299. The Pro model, made for adults, will likely retail at about $499. The Junior model is said to throw flames about 30 feet compared to the Pro model which will hit 75 feet. Again, results will vary depending on the amount of napalm you use when shoveling your snow. As always.

As the shovel handle is made of stainless steel, it is likely going to get pretty hot. Be sure to wear Nomex fireproof gloves while operating the shovel as the handle may reach upwards of 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

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