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New doorless microwave design rumored to be 50x more powerful than standard options



The standard microwave design has not really evolved much since launching in 1955. Back then, the typical microwave cost around $5,000 and weighed nearly 750 pounds. We’ve come a long way since then but the actual design has stayed more or less the same for decades. Microwaves consist of a box with a door and buttons. Oh and a super small light that helps you see parts of your food as they cook.

There’s a new microwave design launching soon that’s rumored to allow you to see the entirety of your food as it’s warmed up in the microwave. This “Doorless Design” is being developed by Taiwan-based General Current (GC). The company says the new doorless design saves time by not requiring the user to open and close the microwave door. GC spokespeople tell us that having no door actually requires the microwave to be roughly 50 times stronger than a conventional option. This is because the actual microwave radiation is bouncing around more than just the small box but instead your entire kitchen. To ensure an even cooking with the new design, GC engineers created a 1,000 amp system that will cook a frozen piece of chicken in under 10 seconds. Preliminary testing also shows that the “DD-1 Microwave” (which stands for Doorless Design mark 1) can boil a bowl of soup in 3 seconds.

Our Doorless Microwave Test Results

We ran a few trials of the General Current DD-1 Microwave to see just how quick and easy it really was. We were blown away. Literally. Upon our first attempt at microwaving a bag of popcorn, the actual bag exploded since we had mistakenly left the power setting at 100%. Interestingly, we also became quite nauseous with some light vomiting. Definitely made us pause to realize we had to turn the power level down.

On our second try, we kept the power level at just 50% which is still enough power to cook a bag of popcorn in about 10 seconds. We put the popcorn in, hit the timer, the start button, and waited. No door means no additional headache of having to close, open, watch, and check your food. If you stand up right next to the microwave, you can see it thanks to the doorless design.

Unfortunately, we were not able to sample the popcorn that was part of the trial run since several of the people testing the unit had to be hospitalized due to radiation poisoning symptoms. We’re told the symptoms are temporary and should not be seen as a blocker to installing the DD-1 in our homes. We’ll keep you posted as we regain our appetites and remove the metal from our kitchen so we can try this bad boy out once more. Stay tuned.

Pricing & Details

In terms of pricing, we’re hearing the DD-1 can be built right into a standard kitchen and will cost roughly $5,000 and weigh about 750 pounds. Shockingly close to the original design.

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