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Well, this is awkward. Looks like you’ve clicked on a link for a parody article. What’s that mean? In short, it means the article was fake. Not real. Made up. Written just for fun.

But that’s not a bad thing! In fact, it’s why Product Leaker exists. We want to help everyone get better at spotting accurate information online. 

That’s the goal of Product Leaker, actually. This is a website dedicated to helping you become a better fact-checker and make you question the source. Every article is a parody of the wild world of supposed ‘product leakers’ who hype up the AMAZING NEW FEATURES OF YOUR PHONE THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Instead, we craft stories designed to make you smile, think, or at least say “hmm that doesn’t seem right…” so the next time you read a hot scoop about a product that’s not yet public you second guess yourself.

So, here’s the deal. You should absolutely review a few of the most trusted resources when it comes to fact-checking your news from here on out. We have links to a few of our favorites below (not satirical, promise). In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the work of Product Leaker – it’s a passion project by just a couple people in their spare time. No harm is intended and all content is purely fiction.

Moving forward, be sure to second guess other information you find online. Whether it’s published on a “trusted” site that’s been around for decades or on a site you never heard of, question the source.

Our top tips to remember when you’re reading:

  • Question the source. Even if an article is published on a popular well-known site, that doesn’t mean it’s 100% true. In fact, many sites feature ‘native advertising’ and other sponsored content that looks shockingly similar to the normal content. If there’s no author listed, that’s also a big red flag.
  • Question the data. Does the data seem overly convenient or not fully explained? Why did they choose this metric over that metric? Did the other metric contradict their point so it was intentionally left out?
  • Do some horizontal reading. This is a fancy term for trying to authenticate the content of the article you’re reading. See what other sources are saying by looking up the general content of the article in other tabs. If it’s not featured in any other online sources, that’s a big flag. If it’s described completely differently, maybe it’s time to see if you can figure out if the truth is somewhere in between.

Helpful Resources

  • FactCheck – a trusted (seriously) non-partisan site dedicated to tracking down the veracity of articles. Good for politics and general world news.
  • Snopes – also good for politics and news-related fact checking. Probably the most updated and regularly featured fact-checking site out there.

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We also do in-person and remote trainings for individuals and groups looking to up their fact-checking skills. Whether you’re a news-related business or looking to stop the spread of misinformation on your platform, reach out to our team of experts to find out how we can help. Email us at hello [at]

About Product Leaker

Ever wanted to know about the next great product before it went public? Us too. But we have no connections or interest in doing that kind of legwork. So, we set up a 100% parody site dedicated to the best fictional products you’ll (hopefully) never see. Follow @ProductLeaker on Twitter and Instagram or just get the free newsletter to stay up to date.