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Innovative gas-powered solar panels rumored to be up to 2x powerful

Supercharging the planet.



The efficiency and related cost of consumer-grade solar panels is slowly improving. However, there have been no truly disruptive improvements made to solar panels since their invention in 1883. To get a decent amount of power out of your panels, you need to cover most of your home’s roof and even then still need to be attached to the main energy grid which typically relies upon non-renewable fuels for energy.

A new innovation in the ‘why didn’t I think of that’ realm has popped up on our radar, though. We received leaked images of a new approach to solar panels that could make them far more efficient, powerful, and make it so you don’t need to install as many to get the same amount of power output. I’m being told they should be about twice as efficient as the newer Tesla Solar options without a need for a Tesla Powerwall as you’re already using a generator.

The newly-leaked image shows a standard gas-powered generator hooked up to a customized inverter which powers the bed of solar panels. In the image, you can see the generator is allowing the solar panels to run a bit hotter and to generate energy at a rapid rate. According to our sources, here’s how it works:

  • First step is to turn off all the power to your home.
  • You take pre-existing solar panels and split their power output cabling.
  • Take that cabling and run a line to a special device (a black box that’s about the size of a book) and then feed that output cable from the box to a generator that has a minimum of 30 horsepower.
  • Attach the cabling to the relevant positive and negative attachment points, and then turn the generator on.
  • Now turn the black box on.
  • The solar panels should start warming up quickly and emit a slight odor. That’s typical for the first few hours as it’s the boiling of the crystalline structures found in modern panels.
  • It’s ok to now turn the power back on to your home.
  • Once the power inverter reaches a level of steady operation, the panels should remain at about 180 degrees celsius – generating a signifiant amount of heat and power.
  • After a few hours, take a second cable from the inverter and plug it into any home outlet. This will take the newly-created power and feed it into your home’s electrical system.

This seems straightforward enough but we’d encourage you to seek out the services of a professional electrician if you aren’t comfortable working with electricity.

Our sources tell us the energy generated should be about twice as much as is typically generated by a bed of solar panels on a sunny day.


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