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Global chip shortage forcing some COVID vaccines to only include 4G LTE chips



pfizer chip shortage and vaccines

The global chip shortage is causing cars, computers, graphic cards, phones, and many other electronics to see substantial delays. One little-discussed product that’s now seeing a bottleneck is vaccines. Our supply chain experts tell us that, due to the chip shortage, most vaccines are unable to ship with required 5G chips. Instead, sources say that 4G LTE chips are being swapped in. The coverage for each person who receives a shot will therefore be slightly lower and outgoing telephony signals won’t be able to penetrate through cement walls as well as standard 5G antennae.

Our sources inside the medical industry are telling us that many patients are actually postponing their vaccinations so they can get the faster 5G chip in their vaccine.

“Why would I bother getting [a jab] if I can’t use my body as a reliable hotspot”
– Cathy J. of Billings, Montana

We reached out to several recent vaccine recipients who expressed dismay that their jab may have not included the latest technology. Cathy J., a 3rd grade teacher in Montana, told us that she was hoping to use her new connectivity as a way to provide in-classroom wi-fi for her students as they have limited internet connections at the school.

We’ll continue to follow this story as we try to determine which type of chip you got in your vaccine.

What kind of cell coverage have you gotten with your vaccine? Has your phone had fewer dropped calls? Let us know in the comments.

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