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Apple Watch with integrated hypodermic needle set for release next month

The “Apple Watch Inject” model is rumored to start at $599.



Apple continues its push into health and fitness with a newly-leaked feature. The next Apple Watch is apparently slated to have an integrated hypodermic needle capable of injections of any fluid. According to our sources, you can enable the needle to automatically deploy when it senses a drop in blood sugar or other key characteristic. It’s not yet clear just how long the needle will have to be in order to deliver a proper dose to the right area of your wrist. Based on leaked renderings from marketing material, the needle looks to be about an inch long. It features an automated retraction clasp that will allow the needle to quickly inject and retract with no additional storage required.

For those in need of regular injections, this could become an important time-saver throughout the day. Our sources indicate the goal is to allow users to pre-fill a built-in bulb capable of holding roughly a day’s worth of medicine, depending on dosage and frequency. Per the leaked renders, the rotational wheel that’s a hallmark of the watch now comes with a removable cap. Presumably this allows the easy refilling of the bulb via an external syringe ahead of time.

When the Apple Watch identifies a sudden drop in your heart-rate, for example, it’s capable of instantly injecting you with a small dose of epinephrine. This is similar to how the well-known EpiPenĀ® operates but likely on a smaller scale due to the compact nature of the device.

The “Apple Watch Inject” model is rumored to start at $599 with exact pricing information still to be determined. We’ll continue to track down the latest details on this rumored feature.

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