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Amazon may unveil paper-based Kindle with ink-based text

Starting at $299, available next month.



paper ebook

One of the biggest issues I have with my e-book is that the battery loses charge after a mere week. The e-ink functionality sips power but it is definitely a drain. That concern is looking like it may be a thing of the past with the new Kindle rumored to be in late stages of production.

The new Amazon Kindle Paper is 100% paper-based and is able to hold a charge for at least a few decades. The device has an ultra high resolution ink-based print that will allow for highly detailed resolution. We got our hands on one (see the thumbnail of this post) and were very impressed at the clarity of the text. However, the refresh rate leaves something to be desired as it does not seem to be able to refresh. We’re told the ink-based text is permanent but that it may be updated in a new software update shortly after launch.

The Kindle Paper has quite a bit of heft to it, as well. We tried out the “300 page” and “600 page” options. Each were substantially heavier than your typical smartphone with the 600 page option coming in around a pound (about half a kilogram).

The innovative new approach has never been seen before so I give Amazon a lot of credit for their bold move. The product is rumored to start at $299 for the 300 page option and $399 for the 600 page option.

According to our sources, you’ll be able to actually order specific stories written by authors printed into your new Kindle Paper ahead of time. Complete with a color cover on the front and back. During our testing, the pages were just filled with Latin text as an apparent placeholder.

amazon kindle store concept

Concept store rendering.

We’re also being told the new products will be for sale at a cutting-edge new Amazon store, seen in the above picture. These stores will reportedly be able to hold at least 10,000 Kindle Papers and allow customers to browse what’s printed in them before purchasing.

It will be interesting to see what people think of these new reading tools. We found the paper to be a lot rougher than our usual tablet displays. The lack of a refresh rate, additional weight, and glue binding the pages together are leaving us scratching our heads if these will be big sellers.

No word yet on if these are recyclable or environmentally friendly.

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