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Ever wonder what the future looks like? Curious what kind of innovation is coming down the pipeline? Us too! That’s why we set up a site dedicated to guessing the future in the form of parody. We are a team of folks looking to make you smile and perhaps think about what the future may actually hold for some products.

This site is 100% parody and meant to act as if it’s one of the many ‘tech news’ sites that always has the scoop on the latest product. But, as you’ll quickly see, the products we ‘leak’ are absurd and designed to make you smile and say ‘hey wait a minute…’

Do you have an idea we should develop into an article? Share it by writing to us at hello [at] anytime. We love getting fun ideas – especially about new sectors we don’t know much about.

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy your time on this silly website. Stay awesome.

-The Product Leaker team